Robert Jahns

Nois7: Limitless Imagination

Robert Jahns, known as nois7, is a photographer, digital artist and art director based out of Germany. His wild imagination, jaw dropping creativity and immense skills have made him a legend on Instagram where he shares his art works with over 752,000 fans and followers.

The following is an interview with Robert Jahns where he discusses about photography, inspiration, compositing, post processing and future plans. The interview has been edited for brevity.

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Niaz: Thank you, Robert, for taking the time to join us at eTalks. We are thrilled and honored to have you.

Robert: Thanks for the interest Niaz, my pleasure.

Niaz: You’re a photographer, digital artist and art director based in Germany. You’re known as nois7 on Instagram and run a popular account boasting more than 752,000 followers. With your unbound imagination, genuine talent and profound skills, you have become an Instagram Sensation. Before we dig into your art and creation, would you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

Robert: You almost said everything haha. Yes my passion is to create images which inspire the people, to create images which make the people wonder. It’s fun to let the imagination run wild and to exalt someone elses imagination with my work. To reach so many people from all over the world is amazing! I’m lucky to have that chance and I really appreciate that.

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Niaz: How did you get started with photography and art? 

Robert: I took my first photo when I was 15, that was because my dad bought a new camera and I wanted to test it out. With editing I started even 2 or 3 years earlier. I loved using photoshop and as a teenager I often used it 4-5 hours a day just to see what I can do with it.

Niaz: You have rare kind of imagination and you use it as like as a magician. How do you stay creative? What are the sources of your imagination?

Robert: Thanks man! I always try to challenge myself by creating a new artwork everyday. I see thousands of images a day, listen to hours of music a day and to collaborate with other photographers is a great way to stay creative as well. I also love traveling as often as I can and to meet new people from other countries is so interesting.

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Niaz: Each of the your surreal images are the results of compositing different images by using a number of image editing apps on your iPhone. Sometimes the editing takes two hours and sometimes it takes several days to complete. Hundreds of thousands of people actually do compositing. Most of the time they just do it wrong. Can you please tell us about the rules and laws of compositing images?

Robert: Great to see you’re good informed. Honestly speaking it’s a very long process to get there where I am and it’s a never ending process. There are a bunch of things to keep in mind while editing and taking the pictures. Most important is the right lightning, shadows, perspective, temperature and depth of field. That all has to work together to look realistic what makes it difficult and a lot of planning.

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Niaz: Your concepts are wildly ambitious. And you finish them flawlessly. What are the very instrumental things that make you a perfectionist?

Robert: Glad you think so. I think I just am a perfectionist that’s why my work looks like it does. I put a lot of time into details and always overthink the concept once or twice to see if it’s really a good one. Often I don’t post a new artwork for months until I think it really is a good one.

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Niaz: The thing that fascinate me most about your arts is your composition. There are a lot of things that go into it. Can you please share us a behind the scene story of creating one of these arts? Like from initiation to finalization?

Robert: Well in the beginning I used to even do some scribbles of my ideas. Nowadays I just write new ideas down or add them to the notes. I got a big image archive from all my travels so if I need any specific image of a city I’ve been to I can use those. If I got an idea in mind which I don’t have an image to I get in touch with other photographers to see if they are keen to collaborate with me. Then it’s about editing. That part happens on my phone with different apps. When that’s done I often overthink the final image again, show it to my wife to have her feedback and then I post it up to Instagram and see how the people like it. Community, so the fans are very important to me!

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Niaz: If you were advising a young artist today, what would your words of wisdom be?

Robert: Always dream big. That is what I always do. Always think positive about your ideas and try your best to reach your goals.

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Niaz: Who are some of your most favorite Instagrammers?

Robert: Always @RaviVora, he is a very creative dude and his image quality is on another level. Always a pleasure to meet and talk to him. Then there is @Wrongrob, he captures NYC in a very unique look. I always feel like in a movie scene while looking through his work. Honored to have met him in person as well, so great to see his passion for photography. Last but not least @chrisburkard who’s life can’t be more adventurous. To follow his journey is such a pleasure and you should all check out his TED talk, so inspiring that it gives you goosebumps.

Niaz: What is the one most important lesson that you have learned since you started taking photographs and creating art?

Robert: I still learn from my faults, as said it’s an endless process and I’m glad it is. It’s important to be true to yourself, just do what you wanna do. I often have to struggle with people who just post or copy my work without any credit which sucks. But many of my images go viral and I can’t get in touch with all of them so I learned to live with it most of the time.

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Niaz: Last but not least, what are your current focuses and priorities are?

Robert: My current focus is on my all around the world trip I will start with my wife @galina90 soon. We created a new account on Instagram @Lifeofnois7 to share the adventures so be sure to follow along!

There are many things in line right now, I plan my art gallery in several cities and next year we wanna move to NYC, can’t wait!

Niaz: Any last comment?

Robert: I always appreciate everyone’s feedback and the constant support on Instagram or other platforms. If you got a dream, whatever how big it is, try to make it a reality!

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Niaz: Robert, thank you so much for sharing incredible ideas with us. We would like to wish you very good luck for all of your upcoming great endeavors.

Editor’s Note: You can follow Robert on Instagram at  @nois7. The interview has been conducted by Niaz. He is the founder and curator of eTalks. You can follow him on Instagram at @neohumanity.

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