Dominic Liam

Dominic Liam: Capturing the Shadows

Dominic Liam is a photographer based out of Athens, Greece. He has been setting the new standard of Silhouette Photography.

The following is an interview with Dominic Liam where he discusses his photography techniques, working process, and inspiration. The interview has been edited for brevity.

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Niaz: Dominic, thank you for taking the time to join us at eTalks. For the people who don’t know about you, would you start by telling us a little bit about yourself?

Dominic: My pleasure, thank you for the invitation. I was born and bred in the UK and moved to Greece 8 years ago to study Theology. I never left and now live and work at the college I studied at.

Niaz: How did you get started with photography? Did you go to school to study photography?

Dominic: I found it impossible not to own a camera living in such a beautiful country as Greece. It all started here, live and learn (self-taught)… There is so much you can learn these days with a simple Google Search…

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Niaz: What type of cameras do you shoot with and what is your favorite lens set-up?

Dominic: I use a Nikon D5200 with an assortment of lenses, 18-105mm being the most frequently used. The most important part for me is the flip screen on the D5200, almost all my work is done via low angle. Simply couldn’t manage without it……

Niaz:  When did you join Instagram? Why have you chosen Instagram as a platform for sharing your art?

Dominic: 2 years ago, I kind of fell into it. I was really disappointed with Facebook and just wanted to share photos of places I’d been. Then I gave Instagram a go and I started to see some really nice images and thought, I could manage that… And so it began…

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Niaz: Over time you have developed a unique concept of photography. Would you please tell us how you found this concept?

Dominic: I always wanted to shoot a sunrise but just couldn’t drag myself out of bed at such a time. in the end it was students who dragged me to the beach for an early morning swim… I took my camera and saw one of, if not the most beautiful sunrise I’ve ever had the pleasure to see. I learnt two things that day. The best time to shoot and never rely on a stranger to take the correct stance…. Always take your subject with you…..

Niaz: Sometimes it’s very hard for most photographers to stick to one concept, but you bring an enormous amount of diversity to your concept and constantly push yourself to make great art. What’s your source of inspiration? What does push you to go out and shoot?

Dominic: Sticking to one concept is a sacrifice, but i found it to be worth it. I wanted to build a gallery that people would stop and take a look at, not just the most recent post. By posting only one image a week it allows me the time to think about what really needs to go in next… In doing this I’ve found that 45% of my likes come in over the following months… Images don’t get buried, they get seen and this is the whole point of what I do.

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Niaz: As far as I guess, it’s a complex process from building the idea to finding the location to finding the right models to making the composition to doing the final processing. Will you please enlighten us on the total process of making these arts?

Dominic: I already have the location and more often a model. It’s about the creative process, do I want an unedited image or do I want to get more creative and edit the final shot by adding an image? You really just have to brainstorm and be sure to write your idea down as soon as you have it. Instagram is a really good source of inspiration as well, just be sure to follow the correct people…

Niaz: What are your favorite hashtags on Instagram?

Dominic: #freedomthinkers @freedomthinkers have been very supportive over the two years I’ve been on instagram and the nice thing is I have no idea who’s behind it…

Niaz: Can you list some of your most favorite Instagrammers?

Dominic: That’s easy, just look at who and what groups I follow. To be honest I’m driven by images…

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Niaz: You have built an amazing community on Instagram. What are your tips for someone who is just starting out?

Dominic: It’s not so easy these days, Instagram keeps on moving the goalposts concerning the #hashtag and that has made it very difficult for newcomers to get their work seen. I would say just have fun and see where it leads you…

Niaz: What does photography mean to you now?

Dominic: It’s a never ending story, you just keep learning, and it’s given me a wonderful window to express my creativity. Niaz: What is the one most important lesson that you have learned since you started taking photographs?

Dominic: Get to know your camera better than you know yourself…

Niaz: If you were advising a young photographer today, what would your words of wisdom be?

Dominic: Don’t invest in equipment until you really know what you like to shoot best, it’s going to save you money…

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Niaz: Where do people find you to know more about you and your works? (Website, Facebook, Twitter …..)

Dominic: My website: Facebook: dominicliam. And: Instagram @dominicliam

Niaz: Any last comment?

Dominic: Have fun, this is the single and most important factor for me as an artist…

Niaz: Dominic, thank you so much for sharing with us your incredible ideas. We are wishing you very good luck for all of your upcoming great endeavors.

Editor’s Note: You can follow Dominic on Instagram at @dominicliam. The interview has been conducted by Niaz. He is the founder and curator of eTalks. You can follow him on Instagram at @neohumanity. And I am Ava Madigan at @lavatl

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