"What a great concept (eTalks): asking a set of great questions to people and change agents across the globe over email and letting them answer these questions on their own time without the pressure of a word limit or timeline. This is perhaps one of the keys to the future of communication: letting people speak. Sounds simple but it rarely happens."

- Trond A. Undheim, Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management

"I must compliment Niaz and eTalks on raising very good questions."

- Prof. Dr. Philip Kotler, Marketing Guru

"Niaz developed a very interesting virtual platform. The founding principle of eTalks is the ability of the entrepreneur to collect and share ideas from intellectuals and brilliant people. It is a pleasure to observe the full development of a so young but at the same time so lively and constructive mind."

- Antonio Alderuccio, Research for Final Dissertation, Harvard University

"I love reading the contents of eTalks. The portal is well organized with knowledge curated for entrepreneurship and best of all the interviews are FUN to read. Best wishes so that this Startup reaches new heights."

- Bijon Islam, Co-founder, LightCastle Partners

"eTalks is a celebration of passion, a passion for change! A change that does not require you to change yourself, but a change that requires you to go back to your ‘self’! I believe that’s what entrepreneurship is all about! Great initiative!"

- Zaigam Murshed, Education Consultant, Dhaka, Bangladesh

"Making ideas happen takes work, real hard work, and to do so you need inspiration that keeps you moving. Unfortunately, blunt inspiration does not work unless you find some real, raw examples to follow. eTalks does that for you- provides inspiration that works."

- Ruhul Kader, Chief Coordinator, Future StartUp

"It is fantastic to see a platform like eTalks that brings together conversations with entrepreneurs on the most compelling tools that build the success of ventures today. Its very inspiring and helpful to read about their stories of passion, hard work and methodology of using the tools in a well organized dashboard for start up and seasoned entrepreneurs alike."

- Nazmul Ahmed, Founder of Ennovision

"eTalks is a newer way of accelerating development through the sharing of ideas from intellectual and established minds."

- Ahmed Toslim, Fellow, US Department of State

"To me eTalks is a ‘penicillin’ like idea where the social changers with different capabilities will share their ideas in the same platform so as to make sustainable changes to the society. Also where young entrepreneurs will get a unique chance to meet experienced entrepreneurs and have their guidance which will lead them to shape up their ideas into a more concrete level. By reading eTalks entrepreneurs will get a head start to redesign their ideas and perspective which will act as a stimuli for creative cells of intellects which will eventually lead them to implement their ideas and make a better difference in the society."

- Khaled Mahmood Mustafa, Senior Manager, Strategic Development, JAAGO Foundation

"eTalks is a young entrepreneur’s way of reporting and archiving professional insight with regards to today’s newest technology and leading start-ups. The young entrepreneur, or in this case Niaz, uses his ambition to ask big questions, fuel discussion and share first-hand knowledge verbatim. In the near future I wish to see more people following Niaz’s cyber footsteps in creating a community where one’s thoughts and ideas go hand in hand with professional expertise."

- Leonidas Kalai, Student, Northeastern University

"eTalks is redefining the way we think of ideas, redesigning the way we ask questions and re-birthing all deep insights to bring entrepreneurial revolution. Niaz’s passion for entrepreneurship and a heart for sharing is indeed admirable."

- Deng Zhaolong, Student, National University of Singapore

"Niaz shows the initiative and drive that is needed to make an impact on the world. eTalks opens the door of opportunity to help people to develop and to let their ideas and innovations come to life."

- Logan Daum, Graduate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

"Niaz is a young man of promise who is clearly resolved to being a change agent. He will be a 'disruptive innovator' who challenges the status quo with fresh thinking and insights."

- Jay Walker, Curator,TEDMED

"To me Niaz personifies the saying that 'ordinary people can do extraordinary things' and I love seeing him pursuing his mission with passion."

- Quazi M. Ahmed, Founder and CEO, FutureLeaders™

"Niaz is an individual who thinks differently, dreams differently; but more importantly ACTS DIFFERENTLY. I have been inspired by his thoughts a number of times even after having disagreed with him mostly. He represents a generation of youth who can raise their voices and make themselves heard. It is encouraging to see that youngsters like Niaz are coming up with actions that will help to empower themselves further."

- Golam Safwat Choudhury, Business Development Manager, British American Tobacco Bangladesh (BATB)

"Niaz is Making a MARK!"

The Independent (Newspaper)