Nois7: Limitless Imagination

Robert Jahns, known as nois7, is a photographer, digital artist and art director based out of Germany. His wild imagination, jaw dropping creativity and immense skills have made him a legend on Instagram where he shares his art works with over 752,000 fans and followers. The following is an interview with Robert Jahns where he

Art ⋅ July 16, 2015

Abel Perez: Capturing the Future

Abel Perez is an entrepreneur, computer programmer, world traveler and a maniac photographer. He bends reality with pixels to create futuristic elements and arts. The following is an interview with Abel Perez where he discusses about photography, gears, inspiration, composition, post processing and Instagram. The interview has been edited for brevity. A photo posted by

Photography ⋅ July 12, 2015

iamcued: Unbound Imagination

Roberto Cuevas, known as iamcued, is an 18 year old photographer, musician and visual artist based out of Blacksburg, Virginia.  He creates amazing 3D imagery using only an iPhone 5s. The following is an interview with Roberto Cuevas where he discusses about creativity, innovation, smartphone technology, visual artworks, and his inspiration. The interview has been

Photography ⋅ June 21, 2015

Puji Faisal Nawawi: Behind the Beauty of Beautiful Art

Puji Faisal Nawawi is a photographer based out of Garut, Indonesia. He is only 20 years old though he has been doing tremendous amount of great works. His works will inspire you to dream, will give you the courage to love, and will push you to imagine in different ways. The following is an interview

Photography ⋅ June 19, 2015

Dominic Liam: Capturing the Shadows

Dominic Liam is a photographer based out of Athens, Greece. He has been setting the new standard of Silhouette Photography. The following is an interview with Dominic Liam where he discusses his photography techniques, working process, and inspiration. The interview has been edited for brevity. A photo posted by @dominicliam on May 2, 2015 at

Entrepreneurial Interview ⋅ June 14, 2015

Sloppystick: Photographing Abandoned Buildings

Jeff Hagerman is a photographer based out of Atlanta. He is a king of taking pictures of abandoned buildings and has brought High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography to a new level. The following is an interview with Jeff Hagerman where he discusses his photography techniques, working process, and inspiration. The interview has been edited for

Photography ⋅ June 6, 2015

Catherine Mohr: Medical Research, Technology and Innovation

She calls herself “a tinkerer at heart.” And ever since Catherine Mohr walked into a Boston-area bike shop looking for a high school job repairing drive trains and spokes, the New Zealand-born surgeon and inventor has taken tinkering to a mind-boggling high art here in Silicon Valley. Dr. Catherine Mohr is the Director of Medical

3D Printing ⋅ November 2, 2014

Daria Khoroshavina: The Art of Metaphoric Photography

Daria Khoroshavina is portrait & fashion photographer based in Moscow, Russia. AdobeMax Creative Conference has featured her photography works on October 2014 and she has become a part of Adobe Creative Cloud Mosaic Collaborative project. Her works have been recognized and featured by online magazines and blogs such as Cat In Water, Practical Photography, Mehron blog,

Art ⋅ October 4, 2014

Cole Thompson: The Ultimate Photography Manifesto

Cole Thompson is an award-winning black and white photographer who has been creating some of the most amazing and brilliant BW images that I know over the years. His art has appeared in hundreds of exhibitions, numerous leading publications and has received many international awards. To learn more about his works, visit his Official Website

Art ⋅ September 29, 2014

Andrew Hessel: Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering and Future of Life Science

Andrew Hessel is a futurist and catalyst in biological technologies, helping industry, academics, and authorities better understand the changes ahead in life science. He is a Distinguished Researcher with Autodesk Inc.’s Bio/Nano Programmable Matter group, based out of San Francisco.  He is also the co-founder of the Pink Army Cooperative, the world’s first cooperative biotechnology

3D Printing ⋅ August 23, 2014

Debra Harder: The Art of Photography

Debra Harder is a Portrait and Landscape photographer. She is well respected in photography community for her wonderful works. As an art student in college, she developed an interest in photography. Originally, inspired by the works of Ansel Adams, she focused entirely on black and white images. In December of 2006, she was in a

Art ⋅ August 3, 2014

Jon Nathanson: Apple, Disruption, Fire Phone and Content Business

Jon nathanson is a technology and business columnist for Slate. He is also an angel investor and a strategy consultant in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The following is an interview with Jon Nathanson about Disruptive Innovation, Apple, Amazon’s Fire Phone, Disrupting Hollywood and Future of Content Business. The interview has been edited for brevity: Niaz: Dear

Disruptive Innovation ⋅ July 10, 2014

David Heinemeier Hansson: Basecamp, Remote and Next Big Thing

Do you know what Twitter, Groupon, and Shopify have in common – Ruby on Rails. It’s a game changer in the way web-base applications are made for developers. It’s also happens to be a by-product when David Heinemeier Hansson was building Basecamp (which is also a by-product). He is a founding partner at 37signals (now Basecamp), a NYT

Disruptive Innovation ⋅ March 9, 2014

Philip Delves Broughton: What they teach you at Harvard?

Editor’s Note: Philip Delves Broughton is the author of The Art of the Sale, published in the UK as Life’s a Pitch, and Ahead of the Curve: Two Years at Harvard Business School, published outside the US as What They Teach You at Harvard Business School. His first book, Ahead of the Curve: Two Years at Harvard

Creativity ⋅ January 29, 2014

Aubrey de Grey: Aging and Overcoming Death

Editor’s Note: Dr. Aubrey de Grey is a true maverick. He challenges the most basic assumption underlying the human condition – that aging is inevitable. He argues instead that aging is a disease – one that can be cured if it’s approached as “an engineering problem.” He is a biomedical gerontologist based in Cambridge, UK,

Big Data ⋅ December 23, 2013